Emergencies: We light fire spark from a lemon (Photo Step, Step)

You are ran out of batteries, from lighter and you want to light a fire?

Try a few hours rubbing a stick to each other, but still does nothing.

Do not worry, there is another way and you need a minimum of materials and of course a lemon, that at least in the nature is easily found.

What we need:
1 lemon a little big
6 staples crafts
6 tacks simple (as large as the staples)
two pieces small voltage cable (telephone networks, lamprater), but not be stranded.


First press the lemon between palms amid a circular motion for about 10/2 or if it is too hard until smooth.

After we stick to the staples series (to be approximately 2-4 mm between them and in any case they must not touch each other).

Parallel to the staples we stick the tacks.

Watch the depth of the nail. It must not exceed half of the lemon thickness.

Connect cross the staples with tacks: The one (staple) with 2 (prefab), 2 (staple) to 3 (prefab). You have to stray us one nail and 6 staples crafts like the photo below. The Poles A and B will connect two low voltage cable pieces.

The final image of your construction will be this:

After come easily.

Picking up sticks (better papillomas by shrubby or flowers) and we put a little soft paper (such as toilet paper or whatever you have very thin or cotton).

Lemon has an average voltage 5volt so tousch the terminals and you can easily create a spark.

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Zacharias is from island of Lesvos in Greece. In the year 2009 as he was seeing the hard times that come from the wrong decisions of the governments he decided to apply the ordinary rules of survival and living. Together with a group of 20 people who share the same concerns began to practice what they learned in the military. The knowledge and experience gained in this perpetual effort transferred through this blog.
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