The threat of an EMP attack

The first reports began to make their appearance in America, first online and then and in the printed and electronic media, feature rich time and space in order to transmit information and ways of dealing with a massive use of weapons electronic warfare systems, with emphasis to be given the electromagnetic pulse weapons (emp).

The worst-case scenario, according to the US Department of Defense, is the use emp weapons in the region of the upper atmosphere, because in this case the impact beam reaches up to 1500 miles (3,000 kilometers).

Essentially the electromagnetic pulse weapons, widely known as NEMO (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) are divided into two categories, those that require explosion on the ground (bombs SEMP- Surface EMP) and they explode in the air (HEMP - High-altitude EMP).

A h-emp 20T bomb exploded at a height of 200 miles actually can make half of Europe without electricity, just a few seconds.

Is there a way of protection?

Virtually the only way of protection are electrical devices not accept mainstream. When we say we mean NONE and from any source (battery, socket, solar, etc.).

The problem of the first 72 hours ...

The US Pentagon in cooperation with universities from all over the world, has conducted extensive research in order to manage to identify the casualties, damage and recovery time needed after such an attack.

According to preliminary findings (for research is in progress for a year yet) all areas that are within the influence radius of an emp bomb at least the first 72 hours will literally paralyzed.

The research speaks of the complete destruction of all integrated electronic circuits (electrical cars, hospital equipment, lights, appliances, etc.).

The restoration is probable that the countries are prepared to address the emp attacks effects (such at the moment are the US, Britain, Japan, China and Russia) will take about two years, but for the others the decade may not be enough.

The countries will not face a problem, they are not dependent on energy sources and basically talk about the so-called third world countries (sub-Saharan Africa) since little will change in their daily routine.

Big problem will have energy-dependent countries - such as the Nordic - and countries such as Italy, France and Spain.

What do the rich of this world?

In any conspiracy theory there is always the money factor ...

Oftentimes we have mentioned shelters under huge mountains and even underwater installations.

However, rich people have found other solutions, and one of them of course is the "return" in the 18th century technologies (energy from ydrostrivilous without integrated circuits, etc.) and the construction of special box - like containers - which can not be effected by emp and keep there vehicles and electronic devices they need for the next day ...

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